Compare and Beware

Epoxy Stone Floor ComparisonWhen choosing the right epoxy stone flooring provider for your home, we only ask that you do your homework.

Ask for references and contact the flooring company's customers.  How long have they had their product and how has it held up, especially over Pittsburgh's harsh winters?

At Galaxy Stone, we'll provide all the satisfied customer tesimonials you could want.

Galaxy Stone floors resist stains, oil, and rust to keep looking like new longer than many competitive products. Each stone is epoxy coated, making it impermeable.

Comparison of Galaxy Stone to CompetitionOur Galaxy Stone seamless stone floors withstand up to 8,000 lbs per square inch and have a high elasticity that withstands winter cold and summer heat.  (That means your epoxy stone application can take heavy traffic, year after year.)

We Can't Fix the Competition's Mistakes!

Many victims of bad epoxy stone flooring installs call Galaxy Stone to rescue them when the inferior product they selected begins to crumble and fall apart after only a year or so of service.

Unfortunately, there's very little we can do.  If the damage is slight, a reseal might help.  Visit our Resealing page to learn more.

Most times, however, a fix would require the complete removal of the inferior product application.  This is very costly and time-consuming.  Our experience, on average, is that removing an inferior epoxy stone floor is almost as expensive as having the work done in the first place.

 Don't be a victim! Choose the epoxy stone flooring experts you can trust - Galaxy Stone.

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"We believe in our product and we believe in our customers!"

Epoxy Stone Flooring

 After 25 years of serving Allegheny County, westmoreland County, and the Pittsburgh region, you know we won't let you down!"-- Ross Citriniti, founder Galaxy Stone