Floor Resealing Services

Quality You Can Count On 

At Galaxy Stone, our reputation for straight talk and superior customer service means everything to us. 

So straight out, the words "never needs maintenance," should not be a part of your vocabulary, or ours.  Galaxy Stone products are tremendously durable, high-quality flooring installations that you will be proud of for decades to come.  But everything needs care and maintenance.  Even concrete needs resurfacing.

Periodic Resealing

How often should your Galaxy Stone seamless stone flooring or Cosmic Carpet crushed quartz flooring be resealed?

Not often. 

Resealing needs vary significantly depending on the area of application, expected weathering, indoor vs. outdoor, etc. 

At the time we review your intended application of our flooring products, we'll recommend a resealing schedule.  The benefits of resealing include:

Renewed weather resistant features. Increased water resistance. Updated UV protection. Maintained elasticity and durability    

Contact Galaxy Stone today to learn about the costs and benefits of periodic resealing.

Galaxy Stone Reseal Kits

In recent years, Pittsburgh residents have endured an epidemic of out-of-state companies that now are no longer around or have no interest in servicing their customers. The best we can do is offer our stone flooring reseal kits to the consumer.   

We are always being asked if we can fix or maintain the seamless stone flooring installed by other companies.   Our apologies, but we cannot.  Our flooring materials and high-end epoxy are sometimes not interchangeable with the often inferior products used by other companies. This could be the explanation for that "Great Deal" and Cheap Price you got on your installation.  The qualities of expansion, elasticity, and durability are different and the end result, while it may be better than what you have now, would not be to the quality level Galaxy Stone puts its name on.

Following our instructions and using our reseal materials, you may be able to extend the life of seamless stone flooring offered by our competitors.  We wish you the best of luck.

If they don't offer the maintenance you need, Galaxy Stone is in your corner.  Contact Galaxy Stone today! From "Drab Slab" to a "Stellar Appearance"  

Concrete Resurfacing

If you found our website through a search for concrete resurfacing services in the Pittsburgh area, then give us a call at 412-795-6056.  Galaxy Stone is the perfect answer to that cracked or scaling "drab slab" that is giving your home or business a less than stellar appearance.

It's not just that Galaxy Stone and Cosmic Carpet products are good at concrete resurfacing, not at all.  Concrete resurfacing is at the heart of our designs!  There is no better choice than to rescue your aging concrete in the stunning good looks of a seamless stone floor or seamless quartz floor.  Contact Galaxy Stone today!

Learn more about the history of Galaxy Stone or browse our Photo Gallery of stone flooring projects.

Commercial and Residential Services

  • Commercial Flooring:  Galaxy Stone brings apartment complexes, condominiums, schools, hospitals, and commercial buildings to life with our unique flooring.
  • Commercial Flooring:  Showrooms, courtyards, and mall center courts all come to life in the elegant setting only Galaxy Stone can provide.
  • Residential Flooring:  From basement floor to garage floor, for sunroom, laundry, game room, and more, Galaxy Stone is the homeowners dream in elegant, high-end flooring.
  • Residential Flooring:  Whether you are decorating an outdoor pool area, porch, deck, or walkway, or looking for indoor flooring that showcases your interests and collectables, no solution offers as much as Galaxy Stone's seamless stone flooring.  Turn the ordinary into the extraordinary!

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Epoxy Stone Flooring Sealant Instructions

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