Garage Floor Specialists

Showcase Your Ride!Epoxy Stone Flooring for Garages 

Treat Your Collector Car with the Respect it Deserves! At Galaxy Stone we showcase your ride like no concrete garage floor can!

Designed to be more affordale for those larger projects and coupled with our exclusive new Invisible drain, we're keeping our Pittsburgh neighbors on the cutting edge of home improvement.

View a variety of our Garage Projects in our Garage Floor Gallery.

Dress Up Your Basement!Basement Gameroom with Epoxy Stone Flooring

We've gone out of this world to develop a our new "invisible drain." 

Now you can bring the elegance of epoxy stone flooring to your basement, without an unsightly drain breaking the charm of your beautiful new floor. 

It's another exclusive feature of Galaxy Stone, keeping us on the cutting edge of stone flooring.

  • Long life and low maintenance. 
  • Reasonable installation cost.  Compares favorably with tile, terrazzo, brick, slate, and flagstone, yet we believe it surpasses all in looks and ease of maintenance!
  • Short cure time, providing for the least possible down time.  
  • Both durable and easily repairable in the event of damage, showing hardly a trace of chips or cracks.  
  • No expansion joints or seams needed.  An architect's dream.
  • Our Cosmit Carpet product can be set as a nonporous installation on interior projects.
  • Short cure time, providing for the least possible down time.  
  •  Natural stone installation with interior (Cosmic Carpet) and exterior (Galaxy Stone) applications. See color samples.
  • Our UV resistant materials maintain their rich color and appearance longer.
  • Auto dealers know Galaxy Stone is the ultimate setting for their premium models. 

View a variety of our Basement Projects in our Basement Floor Gallery.

Learn more about the history of Galaxy Stone or contact Galaxy Stone today to learn about the costs and benefits of seamless stone flooring in your garage or basement.

Sunroom Spectacular!

Sun Room Stone Epoxy Flooring

Turn your sunroom into the perfect place to host guests or a party. 

A Galaxy Stone floor brings its own touch of elegant living to your home.

Learn more about how Galaxy Stone can be used for home improvement on our Interior Applications and Residential Floors pages.