Residential Flooring

Give Your Home a Stellar Appearance

If you are thinking of installing tile, stone, or hardwood flooring, stop!  Even if you think traditional laminate flooring has the features and cost you're looking for, wait!

At Galaxy Stone, we provide stunning results with every floor we lay!

From basement floor to garage floor, for sunroom, bathroom, laundry, game room, family room, and more, Galaxy Stone is the homeowners dream in elegant, high-end flooring.  Seamless Stone Flooring Perfect for your garage floor, basement floor, sunroom, bathroom, laundry room,  and more! Durable and Easily Repairable High-end applications that  bring your flooring to life  as never before. 

Whether you are decorating an outdoor pool area, porch, deck, or walkway, or looking for indoor flooring that turns the ordinary into the extraordinary, no solution offers as much as Galaxy Stone's seamless stone flooring. 

Hardwood flooring and laminate flooring may be traditional, but Galaxy Stone is out of this world!

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High-end Flooring

  • Galaxy Stone is seamless stone flooring made of the finest river gravel nature can provide.  All natural stones are sorted into a rich variety of earth tones.  Or choose the vibrant colors of our premium Cosmic Carpet, quartz product. See color samples.
  • Complements a wide variety of architectural styles, while offering unparalleled variety in floor decor.
  • Long life and low maintenance.  Galaxy Stone has been tested by Pittsburgh weather for OVER 20 years.  We know how to keep your floors looking their best.
  • Reasonable installation cost.  Compares favorably with tile, terrazzo, brick, slate, and flagstone, yet far surpasses all in looks and ease of maintenance!
  • Interior and exterior applications.
  • Stain resistant, slip resistant, and freeze-thaw resistant.  
  • Our UV resistant materials maintain their rich color and appearance longer.

Add Value to Your Home

Your home may be the biggest investment of your life.  Protect it.  Enhance it.  Make it the showplace of your dreams.

Galaxy Stone products are highly durable, uniquely decorative coatings for concrete and many solid surfaces.  From garages to game rooms, from poolside to public spaces, Galaxy Stone provides one of the most captivating and long-lasting (even in Pittsburgh weather) flooring alternatives available anywhere. Our natural stone installation flooring is both stunning and practical.

Your home is more than an expense; make it an elegant showplace!  Let us show you how.

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Residential Flooring Applications

Our smooth river gravel and quartz based applications offer a look, durability, and cost factor comparable to stone flooring and natural stone tile.  In many communities, Galaxy Stone is becoming a signature of high-end, quality living.

Transform your garage floor into a showroom, where you can display your pampered vehicle in style.

Start your basement makeover with a Galaxy Stone seamless stone floor and turn unpleasant space into the rooms of your dreams.

Imagine your Game Room or Family Room with a decorative stone floor in Black & Gold, or the colors of your favorite race team, sports team, etc.

Galaxy Stone greatly enhances pool areas, spas, hot tubs, and bathrooms.

Perfect for walkways, stairs, patios and porches, bringing a new sense of elegance and style to our outdoor spaces.  (Eliminate puddling on your concrete patio's or porches)

Laundry rooms, kitchens, game rooms:  anywhere beautiful, high durable flooring is desired, Galaxy Stone has a flooring solution that will make your home the talk of the neighborhood. 

Learn more about the history of Galaxy Stone or see more photos in our Photo Gallery.

"When you buy Galaxy Stone, my name and reputation are on the line.  I've been serving the Pittsburgh area with this residential flooring product for OVER 25 years.  Our growth to Galaxy Stone is built on treating every customer right and on making every installation as perfect as it can be.  Just give us a call.  We have the right products to bring tremendous value and excitement back to flooring.  What could be more amazing?"

-- Ross Citriniti, founder Galaxy Stone