Cosmic Carpet (Indoor Flooring)

Heavenly Colors You Have to See to Believe

Cosmic Carpet is our premier Indoor Flooring Product, a highly durable, uniquely decorative coating for concrete and many solid surfaces.

Cosmic Carpet is a quartz floor covering, consisting of millions of tiny colored gravel grains mixed with an epoxy resin to craft a level and seamless floor. To accommodate all tastes and applications, a broad selection of gravel grains and a range of over one thousand colors are available.

Our premium flooring is imported from a European company with over 20 years experience producing cosmic carpet products for the European market.  It is among the finest available cosmic carpeting available anywhere! Cosmic Carpet's Indoor Flooring can include borders, circles, words, even corporate logos! Durable and easily repairable Being barefoot is believing A smooth, welcoming, high-end flooring experience!

Each floor is mixed on site and laid by experienced trowelers.  Cosmic Carpet flooring can include various color shifts and patterns such as borders, circles, words, even corporate logos!

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Cosmic Carpet Seamless Quartz Flooring Offers:

  • Quality:  Cosmic Carpet is our premier product, most suitable for indoor commercial applications such as showrooms, center courts, and entryways.  It also fits high-end residential applications where distinctive flooring is a must.
  • Durability:  Cosmic Carpet seamless quartz flooring provides an attractive, textured surface that stands up to years of heavy foot traffic.  It is slip and spill resistant.
  • Versatility: Floor decor unlike any other.  Vibrant colors and versatility in design may be Cosmic Carpet's greatest strength. You can incorporate borders, circles, and words, even silhouettes like leaping dolphins, turtles, stars, a logo, and more! Consider your favorite sports team colors. Imagine a stunning Black and Gold floor to set off your Pittsburgh sports collectables.
  • Maintainability:  Cosmic Carpet requires little maintenance.  It is stain and chemical resistant.  Periodic resealing keeps Cosmic Carpet like new.  In the extraordinary event of damage, repairs are all but invisible.  A Cosmic Carpet floor is both hygienic and maintenance-friendly. The floor's open structure traps dust and walk-in dirt, causing it to become lodged between the grains. The dust never wafts up to be inhaled and can be easily vacuumed away. Spilled soft drinks, wine, tea or coffee can be removed using lukewarm suds, a brush and a shop-vac, steam cleaner, or other water removing device.  Soundproofing?  Yes, cosmic carpeting using our importer's premium materials even have sound deadening qualities - something to be appreciated in our hectic and noise-polluted lives.

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Commercial Flooring

Cosmic Carpet is great flooring for light manufacturing facilities, public entryways and walkways, hospitals and health facilities, schools, commercial centers, shopping malls, and more!

Beautiful seamless stone flooring brings apartments, condominiums, and professional office complexes to life.  In many communities, Cosmic Carpet is becoming a signature of high-end, quality living.

Showrooms truly stand out with the elegant setting only Cosmic Carpet can provide.  Ask about our ability to emblazon logos right in the flooring!

Great commercial flooring for mall stores, center courts, vestibules, and store entrances.

Athletics clubs, pools, and sports shops love our Cosmic Carpet application for the visual energy and vibrancy it brings to their locations.

Need light industrial flooring that is porous to spills and yet resistant to staining?  Galaxy Stone makes a perfect work surface that not only is physically durable but helps create a welcoming, clean environment for employees.

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Why Cosmic Carpet Carpeting?

"When you buy our Cosmic Carpet product, my name and reputation are on the line.  I've been serving the Pittsburgh area with this residential and commercial flooring product for OVER 25 years.  Our growth to Galaxy Stone is built on treating every customer right and on making every installation as perfect as it can be.  Just give us a call.  We have the right products to bring tremendous value and excitement back to flooring.  What could be more amazing?"
                                     -- Ross Citriniti, founder Galaxy Stone

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Cosmic Carpet's Indoor Flooring can include borders, circles, words, even corporate logos!

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