Galaxy Stone Customer Service

We Value Our Customers

We treat every customer right!  When you invite us into your home or your business, we do the quality of work we would do in our own home or business.  First, we choose quality materials - Galaxy Stone and Cosmic Carpet - and we strive to make every installation as perfect as it can be.  We want you to enjoy your new floor for years to come!

We offer a warranty that covers both materials and workmanship for both interior and exterior flooring.  Read more about our warranty.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Our seamless stone floors are easy to clean - just mop it up with a soap and water.  Industrial floors, commercial floors, or outdoor floors can be sprayed with a hose.  Just a little cleaning and your floor will shine like new.

Galaxy Stone seamless stone flooring requires no special care or maintenance beyond periodic resealing to maintain its beauty and durability.

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 "When you buy Galaxy Stone or Cosmic Carpet, my name and reputation are on the line.  I've been serving the Pittsburgh area with this commercial flooring product for OVER 25 years.  Our growth to Galaxy Stone is built on treating every customer right and on making every installation as perfect as it can be.  Just give us a call.  We have the right products to bring tremendous value and excitement back to flooring.  What could be more amazing?"

-- Ross Citriniti, founder Galaxy Stone