Care and Cleaning

Got water?  You can clean this floor. Galaxy Stone seamless stone flooring requires no special care or maintenance beyond periodic resealing to maintain its beauty and durability.

Outdoors, seamless stone flooring can sprayed with a hose.  Indoors, a little soap and water on your mop and your floor will shine like new.

Galaxy Stone floors resist stains, oil, and rust to keep looking like new longer than many competitive products. Each stone is epoxy coated making it impermeable.

Our Galaxy Stone seamless stone floors withstand up to 8,000 lbs per square inch and have a high elasticity that withstands winter cold and summer heat.  (That means your floor can take heavy traffic, year after year.)

Barefoot is Believing

Yes, your floor is composed of millions of little river stones or crystals of crushed quartz, but it is gentle to the feet as tile, terrazzo, and other high-end flooring products.

Check out our warranty page to see how Galaxy Stone stands behind our products, then learn more about Galaxy Stone's history.

The "Invisible Drain"

Worried about epoxy stone flooring in basement and garage applications?  No need for concern.  At Galaxy Stone, we've developed an invisible drain that maintains the beauty of your epoxy stone flooring while allowing liquids to drain naturally away through your existing drainage system.

Commercial and Residential Services

  • Commercial Flooring:  Galaxy Stone brings apartment complexes, condominiums, schools, hospitals, and commercial buildings to life with our unique flooring.
  • Commercial Flooring:  Showrooms, courtyards, and mall center courts all come to life in the elegant setting only Galaxy Stone can provide.
  • Residential Flooring:  From basement floor to garage floor, for sunroom, laundry, game room, and more, Galaxy Stone is the homeowners dream in elegant, high-end flooring. 
  • Residential Flooring:  Whether you are decorating an outdoor pool area, porch, deck, or walkway, or looking for indoor flooring that turns the ordinary into the extraordinary, no solution offers as much as Galaxy Stone's seamless stone flooring.

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Epoxy Stone Flooring Sealant Instructions

Epoxy Stone Flooring Sealant Instructions

 Epoxy Stone Flooring Crack Repair Instructions

Epoxy Stone Flooring Crack Repairs