About Galaxy Stone Floors

A Flooring Phenomenon Since 1989 

"I first discovered seamless stone flooring by accident while on vacation in Florida in February of 1989.  After seeing a newspaper ad for a car for sale in Miami, I drove there to see it. Upon arriving at the house I saw something that stopped me in my tracks - the walkway, porch, and small driveway in front of the house were "STONED."  It was love at first sight! When the owner answered the door I said "Forget the car, what is this stuff?"?

It turned out 'Bob' was the owner of a seamless stone flooring franchise in Hawaii.

After a lot of research, I put my existing business (my body shop) on hold and dove headlong into establishing my own seamless stone flooring business.

We started to bring this remarkable product to Pittsburgh in July of 1989, at first working out of a division of my body shop. It was an odd combination, but soon we were serving the Pittsburgh area as Futura Stone of Pittsburgh.

Our growth to Galaxy Stone is built on treating every customer right and on making every installation as perfect as it can be.  When you buy Galaxy Stone, my name and reputation are on the line.  I've been serving the Pittsburgh area with this residential and commercial flooring product for OVER 25 years.  Now we offer more products and better products than every before, and its all thanks to you, our loyal customers!  Just give us a call.  We have the right products to bring tremendous value and excitement back to flooring.  What could be more amazing?"                                   

                                                            -- Ross Citriniti, founder

At Galaxy Stone, we have it all.  Our Galaxy Stone and Cosmic Carpet products offer world class quality, but our dedicated troweling experts are the ones who really bring our dream floors to life. 

Check out our warranty to see how Galaxy Stone stands behind our products, then visit our Photo Gallery to see a few of Galaxy Stone's projects.

Commercial and Residential Services

  • Commercial Flooring:  Galaxy Stone brings apartment complexes, condominiums, schools, hospitals, and commercial buildings to life with our unique flooring. Showrooms, courtyards, and mall center courts all come to life in the elegant setting only Galaxy Stone can provide.
  • Residential Flooring:  From basement floor to garage floor, for sunroom, laundry, game room, and more, Galaxy Stone is the homeowners dream in elegant, high-end flooring. Whether you are decorating an outdoor pool area, porch, deck, or walkway, or looking for indoor flooring that turns your interests and collectables from ordinary into the extraordinary, no solution offers as much as Galaxy Stone's seamless stone flooring.

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"Our product, always the best on the market, has continued to improve, and we have more products to offer than ever before. The Pittsburgh market has been so loyal and generous to us; the best 'thanks' we can give is to become the true champion of seamlessstone flooring. You expect it. We've done it. "-- Ross Citriniti, founder Galaxy Stone